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Russian Kiss Contour

How to take care of your fresh lips.

What is the Russian kiss contour?

Our Russian kiss contour is one of the favourites here at Natalie Page!! This is a great treatment for those who want to get the perfect lip!

What to expect during this treatment?

The Russian kiss contour is a specific technique which accentuates the Cupid’s how to resemble a heart-shape by injecting additional volume so that it fills and lifts the centre of the lips!

How to reduce swelling after treatment?

Swelling is a natural body response as the injection process disturbs the skin and soft tissues which results in the swelling. Swelling can differentiate in each client as everyone’s anatomy is different! We suggest applying an ice pack after treatment to reduce your swelling. To keep swelling down we also advise to keep away from caffeine and alcohol!

Can I eat after filler?

Of course! We do recommend waiting a short while simply so that any numbing can ease off! It’s best not to eat when your lips are numb so that you don’t accidentally hurt them! We also advise you being considerate whilst eating and what food choices you eat for the first 24 hours

Do’s and Dont's:

-Don't go on holiday within 2 weeks after treatment, we advise to stay away from the heat until those luscious lips have healed!

-Do keep drinking your water!

-Don't wear makeup after treatment!


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