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  • Fast Track Lip Specialist Course

    Every month
    Become a Master Lip Specialist with Natalie Page Today
    Valid for 9 months
    • Advanced Lip Course
    • Russian Kiss Contour Masterclass
    • 3D Ultra Fine Lip Masterclass
    • Online Booster Technique videos
    • Business Masterclass Programme
  • Foundation Dermal Filler & Anti-Wrinkle

    Every month
    Foundation Dermal Fillers and Botulinum Toxin
    Valid for 9 months
    • UltraSound Masterclass

      Every month
      Valid for 6 months

      This course bundle is designed for further technique training and is delivered over 9 months. Students can opt to pay for the course in full £4,000 or in monthly payments of £488.56 for 9 months to the balance of £4,397. Interest free instalments Agreement This is an interest free option offered by Natalie Page Aesthetics Paying £488.56 per month via a direct debit and does it require any form of credit checking or application. Please note in order to train the courses your account balance must reflect the cost of each course: Payment Schedule: 1 month - £488.56 2 months - £977.12 3 months - £1465.68 At this stage you will be invited to book the first course of Advanced Lips for £1099 leaving the account balance £366.68 4 months - £855.24 5 months - £1343.68 6 months - £1832.36 At this stage you will be invited to book the second course of Russian Kiss Contour for £1499 leaving the account balance £333.36 7 months -£821.92 8 months -£1310.48 9 months - £1799 At this stage you will be invited to book the third course of 3D Ultra Fine Lips for £1799 and a final payment of £488.52 will be taken bringing your balance to paid in full of £4,397.00 REFUND POLICY No right of withdrawal (“the right to change your mind”) By entering into this agreement, you agree that the Training will commence and thereby agree that there is no right of withdrawal. However you can terminate these terms at any time to which you will receive no refund of payments made. Cancellation of Registration All students have the right to cancel their registration with Natalie Page Aesthetics Academy within a 'period of grace', defined as 14 calendar days from the start of their first direct debit. By giving written notice within this time, a student can withdraw from the payment plan without incurring financial penalty. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that this notification reaches the Natalie Page Aesthetics Academy in a timely fashion via email to Please see our full interest free payment policy on our website.

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