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Facial Volumisation - How to Map Your Client

Facial Volumisation is a signature technique created by Natalie Page who perfected the art and skill of injecting dermal fillers to contour the face. The popularity of facial fillers for aesthetic rejuvenation is growing.

Practitioners administering fillers should be highly competent and trained in the nuances of performing these procedures. Injectors of facial fillers must understand both the surface and deep anatomies.

The Mapping Process:

Mapping out correctly for facial volumisation treatments are a must, it gives the practitioner insight on where to inject! It is vital to map out on a client beforehand as each clients facial anatomy and structure is different!

How Natalie Achieved these results

To achieve this insane transformation, We first started to contour her cheek with filler, we used #revolaxuk sub q to enhance the area. We then moved onto to sculpt the jawline, and chin, this is a delicate technique that distributes the filler evenly in a linear pattern to ensure a smooth settling.

Technique is signature to Natalie 🔥


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