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A quick and safe way to enhance your appearance by sculpting the lower face

  • From 100 British pounds

Service Description

**NEW CLIENTS MUST HAVE A CONSULTATION** Dermal Filler consists of an ingredient called hyaluronic acid (it’s naturally produced within the body)-this is placed carefully within the lips to augment the shape, size and overall look of the lips and mouth. This treatment is popular amongst people who have thin lips that lack volume or shape, and a little can go a long way. Not all lip fillers need to be extremely large or obvious. Our technique is incredible at creating natural looking lips, with the work being undetectable to everyone else! How it Works? Filler is injected with a tiny needle into the areas that need volume, and the material is massaged gently to prevent the formation of lumps SIDE EFFECTS The most common side effect are bruising swelling post treatment. As with any other dermal filler treatment, the kind of bruise you get from fillers will usually subside within 5-7 days. Inherent in any kind of injection is the risk of bruising or swelling – this comes with the territory of putting a sharp needle into the skin. AFTERCARE As with anything needle-related, there are a few essential aftercare instructions. As simple tip is sleeping with your head elevated on two pillows to help decrease swelling.

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