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Know what’s near the area you inject

Injecting Dermal Filler near the eye safely

Orbicularis Oculi Muscle:

The delicate orbicularis oculi muscle surrounds the eyes and is responsible for various facial expressions, including blinking and squinting. Injecting anti-wrinkle substances too close to this muscle can lead to complications such as drooping eyelids or excessive dryness in the eyes. Precise placement is essential to ensure that the treatment targets only the intended areas without affecting the nearby muscles.

Frontalis Muscle:

The frontalis muscle, located in the forehead, is responsible for raising the eyebrows and creating forehead wrinkles. While anti-wrinkle injections are commonly used to address forehead lines, it's crucial to avoid injecting too close to the hairline or the eyebrows. Improper injection into the frontalis muscle can result in an unnatural appearance, including a "frozen" or overly elevated forehead.

Depressor Anguli Oris Muscle:

The depressor anguli oris muscle, found around the mouth, is responsible for controlling the downward movement of the lips. Injecting anti-wrinkle substances too close to this muscle can impact lip movement and lead to unintended side effects, such as difficulty speaking or smiling. Precise injection into specific areas around the mouth is essential to maintain natural facial expressions.

Platysma Muscle:

The platysma muscle, located in the neck, plays a role in facial expressions and neck movement. Injecting anti-wrinkle substances into this muscle without proper expertise can lead to complications such as difficulty

swallowing or an asymmetrical appearance in the neck area. Careful consideration of injection sites is necessary to avoid affecting the platysma muscle.


While anti-wrinkle treatments can offer effective solutions for achieving a more youthful appearance, it's crucial to approach them with an understanding of facial anatomy and muscle dynamics. Injecting these substances into the wrong muscles can result in unintended consequences and compromise facial expressions. Always seek the expertise of Natalie Page when considering anti-wrinkle treatments to ensure a safe and successful outcome. Remember, precision is key to achieving natural-looking results while minimising the risks associated with these cosmetic procedures.


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