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What Needle Size to Use for Dermal Fillers?

The choice of needle gauge for dermal filler injections depends on several factors including the type of filler being used, the desired outcome, and the preference of the practitioner; but often practitioners aren't sure what the difference is in needle sizes.

30 Gauge: This is a fine needle commonly used for delicate areas like the lips. It's suitable for injecting thinner fillers or for more precise work where control and finesse are required.

27 Gauge: Slightly larger than 30 gauge, 27 gauge needles are still relatively thin and can be used for injecting fillers into the lips. They may be preferred for thicker fillers or when a slightly faster injection is desired without sacrificing too much precision.

25 Gauge: These needles are thicker compared to 30 or 27-gauge needles and may be used for thicker fillers or in cases where more product needs to be delivered in a shorter amount of time. However, they may cause more discomfort and bruising compared to finer needles.

22 Gauge: These are much larger needles and are generally not used for lip injections due to their size. They may be used for drawing up the filler from the vial but are typically not used for injection into the lips themselves.

The choice of needle gauge will ultimately depend on the specific requirements of the treatment, the preference of the practitioner, and the client's comfort level. It's important for the practitioner to have the necessary skills, experience and training to select the appropriate needle gauge and technique to achieve optimal results while minimising discomfort and risk of complications.


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