Russian Hybrid Lips

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Russian Hybrid Lips

If you’re active on social media and interested in the beauty and aesthetics industry, you must have seen this new aesthetics trend the Russian Hybrid Lips. Russian Hybrid Lip Filler is the latest technique to be introduced to the game, that provides an alternative look and technique to traditional Russian lip fillers.

Russian Hybrid Lips generally look very different to the most familiar lip filler aesthetic that has stormed the UK over the years. The trend began due to the desire for lips that are larger in volume and plumpness, without the worry of filler migration or the ‘duck lips’ and ‘trout pout’ look that many want to avoid when having lip filler.

45 mins
1 Week


The technique involves injecting tiny droplets of dermal filler into the lip, mainly focused around the centre to achieve the heart-shaped look. Filler is injected vertically into multiple injection points and dragged upward from the base to the top of the lip, rather than horizontally


As there are several injection points with the Russian Hybrid lip technique, you may find that you have slightly more initial swelling and some bruising after this procedure. This treatment may cause more discomfort than a normal lip filler treatment due to the multiple injection points your injector needs to use.


Avoid kissing or massaging your lips directly after the procedure and possibly for up to 24 hours if it is your first lip filler injection. do be gentle with your skin while washing for 24 hours. don't use and exfoliating agent for 24 hours or any harsh cleaning brush